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Про компанію

ICC "TIKO-PRESTIGE" was created on May 25, 1998. on the basis of Komsomolskaya sewing and knitting factory. The enterprise produces high-quality cotton knitted products for children and adults, strictly adhering to GOST and TU, adopted in Ukraine. Our products - a combination of traditions and modern technology. The assortment of models is constantly changing, taking into account consumer and fashion requirements. The company has proven itself well on the Ukrainian market. The company's products are in steady demand from consumers. Jerseys are delivered to department stores and stores of almost all rayon and oblast centers of Ukraine and the city of Kiev.

In the manufacture of clothing, the company uses exclusively natural cotton linen, viscose and canvas with a small (up to 5%) addition of artificial fibers to provide products of elasticity and wear resistance. As already mentioned, all products clearly correspond to GOSTs of Ukraine. According to the results of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination, every thing for a child or adult meets the requirements of the current sanitary legislation of Ukraine. All things, before getting into the warehouse, undergo compulsory heat treatment, and some are individually packed.

Designers-designers take care that you in the speeches of the WCR "TIKO-PRESTIGE" look the most fashionable and stylish among all. To do this, they create new models at least once a quarter. Almost all models have several color choices or options for choosing the type of canvas. The enterprise tries to satisfy the tune-ups of absolutely all its customers, so it does not matter who you are a fragile woman, a courageous man, a dreamy girl, an inquisitive guy, or you are still very young and sleeping in a carriage. For each of you we have a special offer. Things that will make you unique and will give a sense of comfort and joy. More than 500 models of clothes allow our clients to choose only what suits you.

One of the directions of the company's activity is work with foreign partners on the basis of tolling raw materials. For many years we have been cooperating with representatives of major trading networks in Germany, Belgium, France, USA and others. Our employees have the experience of performing strange orders, such as costumes for the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Do not lag behind and domestic companies, increasingly ordering corporate clothing for their employees. For all time cooperation has received no complaints or complaints about the quality of products.

The desire to improve the manufacturing process, increase the quality and assortment of products forced to make re-equipment of 60% of technological equipment. The company employs 60 highly skilled workers. Thanks to new equipment and heavy, non-standard orders, employees are able to continuously improve their professional skills. The firm annually accepts up to 15-17 students of sewes of professional building lyceum of our city for passing the industrial practice with the further employment of the best of them.

ICC "TIKO-PRESTIGE" is a permanent participant of the exhibition-fair in the capital of Ukraine in Kiev and other cities.