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Buy clothes in a regular or online store?

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In the online store PKF "Tiko-PRESTIGE" you can buy knitted clothes for women, men, girls, boys and clothes for newborns and babies.

All models of clothing are of the highest quality and have a simple but functional design.

PKF "Tiko-PRESTIGE" is a Ukrainian manufacturer of adult and children's clothing of factory quality. The company was founded in 1998. And she made a significant contribution to the creation of the brand "Komsomolsky jersey", widely known throughout Ukraine. Thousands of shoppers use this phrase to find affordable clothing for the whole family.

Agree, it is very convenient to buy everything in one place online, without wasting time on endless searches, comparisons and doubts. More and more buyers choose online stores for successful and economical purchases.

Shopping on the Internet is not at all a tribute to fashion, as older shoppers think. This is a global trend that is developing very actively in Ukraine as well.

Using our online store as an example, we will tell you about the benefits of online shopping and dispel some of the myths associated with online shopping.

Low prices.


PKF "Tiko-PRESTIGE" has no branded offline points of sale. Our products can be found in many shopping centers, children's stores, supermarkets, markets, etc. But prices! The prices are simply not comparable! Why is that? Rent, sellers' salaries, transportation and profit of retail outlets. All these factors increase the price by at least 2 times of our price in IM.

The quality of the knitwear.

PKF "Tiko-PRESTIGE" is a production partner of such giants of the German light industry as …………………. Models sewn by our company regularly appear on their Instagram.

In the production of knitwear for the domestic market, we use the same production equipment and the same qualified personnel.

Payment and delivery.

We are not afraid to send your orders by cash on delivery. We trust you and want you to come back to us again and again. Purchases are delivered by Ukrposhta or Nova Poshta of your choice.


Yes. If the size, color, model did not suit you, we will offer a replacement or refund for the product.

Wholesale and retail

You can buy knitwear wholesale or retail. There is a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers. Wholesale prices can be downloaded here.

Order processing time

We try to process the received order within 24 hours. On pre-holiday days, processing may take 2 days. This is often associated with a sharp increase in buyers willing to buy.

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